Traveling In the Times of COVID-19: Client Safety Update

As the restrictions on the travel ban have slowly begun to ease, rest assured that our safety protocols and precautions haven’t. We were one of the first chauffeur services early to respond to the rapidly changing situation.

The safety of our employees and clients is of utmost importance to us, which is why the following guidelines are being strictly adhered to prevent an outbreak.

Latest COVID-19 Guidelines

Please read through the following guidelines to get an update on the safety precautions we are taking. Our guidelines are continually being evaluated, and the current situation is being closely monitored. Therefore, please note that these guidelines will be frequently updated in the wake of the evolving circumstances and government recommendations.

Chauffeur and Employee Protocols

  • All chauffeurs and employees are requested to wear masks and gloves at all times.
  • All employees are requested to exercise physical distancing and frequent hand washing as able.
  • Chauffeurs and employees who have been in contact with an infected individual will be asked to immediately self-isolate and self-monitor themselves for COVID-19 symptoms.
  • If any employee has contracted the virus, they will be asked to withdraw from service until their tests run clear.
  • Chauffeurs are to seek permission before handling a client’s luggage and are requested to wipe down handles and straps before returning them to the client.
  • Chauffeurs are instructed to thoroughly sanitize the vehicle, including seats, handles, and doors in between rides.
  • Only sealed refreshments are to be offered to clients.
  • All newspapers and magazines are to be removed to avoid cross-contamination until further notice.

Vehicle Sanitization Protocols

  • Vehicles will be thoroughly disinfected with disinfectants before and after every ride, especially the high touch point areas such as door handles and seats.
  • Vehicles are regularly treated with Stabilized Aqueous Ozone (SAO), a powerful chemical-free ozone generator that removes germs, bacteria, odor, stains, and mold.
  • Hand sanitizers and wipes will be available to clients and chauffeurs in the vehicle at all times.
  • Protective polycarbonate health barriers can be provided upon request to ensure maximum safety.

Passenger Protocols

  • Passengers with known exposure to COVID-19 within the past 21 days will unfortunately not be allowed to use our services.
  • Passengers with any symptoms such as fever and cough will not be allowed to use our services.
  • Passengers are requested to wear a mask properly at all times throughout the journey.
  • While we are taking all necessary precautions to mitigate the exposure of our employees and clients to COVID-19, the vehicle is an enclosed space. Consequently, it is recommended that passengers seat themselves behind the chauffeur.

We are fighting a global crisis on the front line and taking all necessary precautionary measures to provide our clients with safe and secure chauffeured services. However, we can’t do this alone. Therefore, our clients are requested to cooperate with our employees and chauffeurs so that together, we can minimize the risk of an outbreak.
We thank you for choosing to travel with us and are looking forward to serving you once again.